Justice Is Served. Trump is Acquitted. NOW… the Earthquakes!

I received revelation concerning what is happening RIGHT NOW, from a powerful source.  Like Kim Clement, he doesn’t prophesy often… but when he speaks, it’s with uncanny accuracy.

PLUS, a State of Emergency has been declared in Texas.  Is it just about the weather?

PLEASE listen to this “From the Heart”…

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Before the Facebook ban, we produced OVER 50 EPISODES that shined a light in many of the dark places in this world… then we proved it with Scriptural Truth from GOD’S WORD.

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Kill the Virus – Heal the Body – It’s All About Your Health!

In several Episodes of The Sealed Book, we have talked about two devices we own and use daily.
~ The HEALY is a wearable device that uses 144,000 frequencies working on the cellular level to correct thousands of medical issues In the body. 
~ The Vollara is NASA technology built into a small unit that sits in your home or office, and DESTROYS 99.9% of ALL VIRUSES within 3000 square feet, within 3 minutes of turning it on.  Including COVID-19!
BOTH of these devices are proven technologies and FDA Cleared.

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Selling Women, Girls, Boys and Men for Organ-Harvesting, Sex-Trafficking, and Ritualistic Abuse
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One thought on “Justice Is Served. Trump is Acquitted. NOW… the Earthquakes!

  1. Hi Amy.You breathe a breath of fresh God
    Truth to our current world events..

    I, like you love learning new things about
    The bible..
    Professor Toto, AKA Shane Renolds in his
    Ministry reveals a new insight about the earth
    Before Geneses.. See part 6 ..
    He regularly has Classes on the constitution..


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