About Us

Amy & Steve Sever
help people around the world

– just like you –
make a living from home

Amy & Steve Sever have been serial entrepreneurs all of their lives. When they met and married in 1996, Steve had already spent many years in broadcast – radio/TV advertising, production studio owner, on-air personality – and an audio book narrator (audible.com) with 20+ books to his credit, including the popular ‘Left Behind’ series.

Amy Sever was a professional sports massage therapist turned fitness competitor. By 2002 she had lost 60 lbs, won 1st Place in the North American Nova Championship, and 2nd Place in the World Galaxy Competition.

In 1996, they also began devoting their collective skills to the Network Marketing industry soon becoming multi-million dollar earners. It’s a unique industry. And it takes a unique skill set to lead many teams of independent home-based business owners to achieve their goals of financial independence. But they’ve done it successfully for 25 years.

Amy Sever “Truth and Training” is the basis for success in any Network Marketing business. Why? Because there’s no other business like it. First, it’s always more lucrative when all your efforts count for YOU, instead of your boss or company. But the second reason is why so many people fail in this business… SO many people come in to Network Marketing thinking “Aww I’ve got this! How hard could it be?” We’ve watched very successful business owners fail at MLM for one simple reason: When you pay someone as an employee, they have to do what you say. But the only way people will follow you in this industry… is when you inspire them to.

This is exactly what this 5-hour series teaches you… How to lead every personality type, and everything else to make you successful – from A to Z. For years, thousands of people paid $199 each for this training in a two-day format. She’s trained it from coast to coast in multiple countries. This… is the best of the best…

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