Amy Sever International

Abolish Slavery

Our Mission – of Amy Sever International is to spread the message concerning the desperate need of After Care for sex-trafficked victims who are being rescued. We will supply clothing, nurturing, and training to help meld them back into society and give them a chance to lead a better life. We will spread the truth of God’s Glory and the Salvation of Jesus Christ through the clothing they are given.  Each piece has the iconic “AS” Amulet logo and a label of explanation sewn into it, as it is prayed over before leaving our hands.  Beyond the clothing, those rescued are able to assimilate into society through our life-altering seminars, followed by job placement.

Our Vision – begins with supplying new, free wardrobes to female and male sex-trafficked victims through our partner companies.  Each piece of clothing has the iconic “AS” Amulet sewn into it, along with a label of explanation, as a worldwide recognized symbol of the Grace of God. 

Ultimately, every woman, man and child saved from human trafficking will know they are wearing clothing that has been prayed over by an army of spiritual warriors.

The next arm in our After Care program is the life-changing, life-restoring seminars based on our founders original book, “The Three Rs – Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul, and Reconstructing the Body”.  A book written 10 years ago based on her own journey to renewal and helping others to find the same.  These seminars teach the Biblical truths about Renewing their spirit, Restoring their soul from the splintering that occured in captivity, and Reconstructing their bodies to a place of health and mental well-being.  These seminars will have rescued men and women tell their stories.  Many of these same people will eventually teach these seminars in multiple languages around the world.

Eventually, the store fronts and online catalogue operations of Amy Sever Designs, will be managed and operated by the very people who have been saved out of sex slavery from around the world.  

Through our ‘Fight Like a Girl’ arm of Amy Sever International, everyone rescued will have the opportunity to learn the business skills and spiritual skills to help them safely navigate the world around them.  And to help them, help others learn how to not fall victim to human trafficking.

Funding – is coming initially from the store under the “Shop” menu on this site. Everything has the “AS” logo, that is meant to create conversation… When someone asks you about our logo on your clothing or jewelry you can tell them about Amy Sever International and send them to

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