Exceptional People, Incredible Compensation

DID YOU KNOW? …the most searched internet term now is “Home Based Business”?

It’s no surprise when you think about it. From a geographic standpoint – especially in the U.S. – do you know how many people wish they could move to another region right now without losing the ability to make a living? Since 1996 we have been helping people get beyond the job mentality. Yes, jobs are important… We just believe the people who have “jobs” should be working for YOU. It’s one thing to be working everyday to make someone else wealthy… it’s entirely better to be doing it for yourself!


In our 25 year history in the Network Marketing industry, EPIC is the fastest, most powerful way we have seen, to create financial independence. And that is whether you ever trade or not! Forex trading may not be your cup of tea… you may not even know what it is… but if you look around, you’ll see people everywhere who DO understand it, and would LOVE the opportunity to learn! And YOU can build a HUGE team of – and financially benefit from – people just like that!


A Breakthrough Medical Technology

DID YOU KNOW? …healing through frequencies has been around since 4000 B.C?

That’s when it was discovered that the various sound wave frequencies made by gongs could produce healing in various parts of the human body. Within the last hundred years the technology became much more sophisticated, with large machines that could produce thousands of healing frequencies. The challenge was they were too big and cost upwards of $30,000.

Then came a simple, yet amazing concept from Germany… A device just as powerful as all it’s forerunners, but the 144,000 frequencies are in the Cloud, the app is on your Smartphone, and the Wearable Device fits in the palm of your hand! Plus, it has FDA Clearance as a Class II Medical Device for Pain.


Why are we in Healy? Because ultimately, little else is more important than your health! The company is free to join, the devices are priced from $500 to $2500, and the commissions are great! And as with all Network marketing companies, you can greatly increase your compensation by sharing your the opportunity with others!


You don’t make money,
unless your customers save money.

DID YOU KNOW? …when asked, “if you could do anything…” MOST answers involve travel?

Travel is an $8 Trillion Dollar per year industry! But, obviously, travel costs lots of money. UNLESS you are in ibuumerang… or at the very least, have one of our ‘Buumerang’ travel websites! What’s the benefit? Easy… You’ll enjoy 5-Star travel at up to 70% LESS than all those well-known travel websites! You know… Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz… ALL of them! HOW? The secret sauce!

AND we give away the iBuumerang Travel Websites for FREE! No catch!

When you or any of your customers travel using an ibuumerang travel site… You MAKE money when your customers SAVE money! SO, who wants to travel for less and help others do it too?

OR, just grab your FREE Travel Website below!
Just give us your Name, Email, and Phone Number and we’ll send it right out!

We’re always being asked “What do you do for a living?” Especially since we’re almost always at home. It’s kind of hard to explain what we do in just a couple minutes… So, here you go! We’ve been serial entrepreneurs for 25 years and we know every company out there… the good, the bad, and the GREAT! Above are three great companies we build… If you want to join us in one of them, we’ll be excited to help you succeed!

The first step in anything you have ever done… is to learn the basics. And that’s Amy Sever TnT. We tell every single person who joins us on one of our teams, “Listen to ALL of Hour 2 and Hour 3, BEFORE you talk to a single person about your new business. Trust our years of experience… It’s the difference between success and failure.

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