The Sealed Book Ministry

Scholars, ministers, and others throughout history have wondered about The Sealed Book spoken of in Daniel 12. What is it? Where is it? When will it be opened?

In truth, you probably own one… maybe several. The Sealed Book is the Bible – Living and active! This ministry started as a private Facebook group and has grown to over ten-thousand people worldwide, in just a few months.

We answer the questions about “What in the world is going on?!” And we answer it with scripture. YouTube has the core 35+ episodes… and this Facebook Group, has the raw episodes plus tons of relevant posts and commentary.

“The Three Rs”

by Amy Sever

“In the Winter of 2013/14, I spent 12 weeks writing a book that had been formulating in my life for 12 years. “The Three Rs” is something that’s never taught in church or Sunday school… “Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul, Reconstructing the Body”. It contains the keys to my journey from unfit and overweight, to 1st Place in the North American Nova, and 2nd in the World Galaxy Competition. After that, I took the same focus and determination into business.” ~ Amy Sever

These are the same keys anyone can use to create extraordinary success.

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